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  • Project Management skills: time management, goal setting, study skills, planning and prioritization skills, and self-performance monitoring skills.  Using these skills will help you successfully manage your school work and life challenges for many years to come.  Project management methodologies with help you organize and utilize time, and other resources available to you in order to get things done successfully and on time.  This program will also teach you the benefits of balancing life and school / work.

  • B-Guarantee Unlimited Tutoring: We will provide you with premium private tutoring services for all of your courses at CU.  We have helped more than 2,500 CU students overcome their academic challenges at CU since 2008 and have been voted "Best of CU Tutors" for many years in a row.  We have a B-Guarantee option, guaranteeing you success at CU or your money back!

  • Conscious Mind skills:  mindfulness necessary for you to discover your own genuine self, your weaknesses and strengths, and how to manage and understand your own capacities.  We will also teach you to focus and relax by practicing daily relaxation and meditation techniques allowing you to release stress and anxiety that prevent you from participating and performing optimally.  This program encourages and works with you to become physically and mentally active, encouraging you to practice yoga and other activities at the CU Rec Center.  This program also includes interactions with successful CU students and peers, guiding our young Buffaloes through various common challenges CU students experience, i.e. super large lecture room, lack of attention and safety nets at CU, abundance of drugs and alcohol in Boulder.