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Davis N.

The Smartest Kid in the Class


When I started college, I was not confident that I would succeed in the classroom, but the Buffalo Academy tutors have taken me to levels I thought were unreachable. Other students ask me for help because they think that I am one of the smartest kids in the class! That gives me a great feeling, and that feeling is backed up with good grades.

Buffalo Academy tutors push you to do your best. I used to think that I didn’t need tutoring unless I had a test coming up or homework due the next day, but I’ve discovered that tutoring helps me learn the material for future classes. I also actually study less on my own; because when I am tutored I really learn the material. This gives me an edge that helps me succeed. I don’t know what I would without Buffalo Academy. 

William D. 

"Buffalo Academy helped me get A in all my engineering courses, now I tutor others"

Natasha W.
Lectures? Good. Individual Attention? PRICELESS


As a student, I recommend Buffalo Academy to other students who are determined to reach their full potential. the tutors at the academy are genuinely concerned with the success of their students and are professional, kind, and patient. They take a lot of stress out of studying.


My tutors helped me in ways that aren't always possible in lectures or the help room. They were more than willing schedule a last-minute session before an exam - a priceless benefit when work or other classes conflicted with my professor's office hours and exam reviews.


My favorite thing about the tutors at Buffalo Academy is that they are also students at CU. Not only are you supporting students in your own community, but if you're taking basic curriculum classes, your tutor is likely to have taken the same class, possibly even with the same professor. I can't emphasize enough how helpfulthis is when studying ofr exams or going over lab reports!

Christian M.
From Astronomy to Quantitative Finance And Actuarial Risk Management

I first met Mori my senior year of college when I was an astronomy major with no clue what I wanted to do after I graduated. After finding a pamphlet in an upstairs hallway of the astrophysics department, my interest in The ERM academy was sparked and I reached out to him. I found the program to be exactly what I was looking for as I would be taught material that couldn't be found in college courses and get introduced to advanced software that only a few people in the industry are familiar with. This advantage over my peers was exactly what I needed to launch myself into a fulfilling career. Mori's style of teaching is both engaging and effective as his years of experience allows him to be able to address individual educational needs. The one-on-one sessions allowed me to learn the material at a rate that was suited for my individual style of learning which I never adequately received from the conventional school system. In the past year, this program has strengthened me with experience and self-confidence that I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere else. The academy has given me a clear and confident vision of my future success for which I am incredibly thankful for.

Tyler P.

"In my first year at work, my name started to be known throughout the Ad Tech industry.  I started receiving job offers I didn't even apply to...   It has been 2 years since I graduated the Academy and I still have to pinch myself everyday to make sure the life I am living is in fact real and not a dream."  
Tesha J.

My experience with Mori at the ERM Academy altered my career path.  I was able to receive one on one training pertaining to data, Risk and applied business knowledge. The skills obtained are those that will last a lifetime and give an edge in the workplace that is unobtainable otherwise.  The exposure is more than one can imagine when thinking about the world of risk.  Mori’s structure of the program is one that is challenging, informative, it gives the experience and knowledge that is not available at an institution such as the University of Colorado.

I am now pursuing my career with a top international bank, there are endless opportunities in the future ahead. The positions I interviewed for were those that I hadn’t thought of as options previously and never would have imagined applying for.  It was nice having multiple offers and picking which would be best for me.

I was also given the opportunity to network with past graduates of the program and that is priceless.   If you want to jumpstart your career, push past the “put your time in” mentality of junior positions and obtain the skills and knowledge to push your career– ERM Academy may be for you!

Thomas W.
"Looking for careers that will set you up for life? join the Academy..." 
Josh P. 
"Even after graduating, Mori stays connected with his students making sure they have the available resources necessary to reach the top"
Kevin W. 
"Mori fosters a creative and open learning environment. He is the type of person colleges are begging to hire"
Daniel M.
Walk in a Stranger, Leave as a Friend
Thomas W. 
"The academy was the best decision of my young life. Graduating from CU boulder with a degree in economics I was well aware that my career options were limited"
Alexandra R.
From Struggle to Success

Throughout my college career at CU, Buffalo Academy was instrumental in helping me achieve numerous academic successes. I struggled with economics in my sophomore year and my tutor was eager to help me understand the subject. He spent time making sure I knew the material thoroughly before moving forward. Thanks to Buffalo Academy, I finished the course with an A in economics.

Even though the course was over, my time with Buffalo Academy was not. I continued with a mentorship program geared towards leadership in the professional world. The leadership program teaches brilliant strategies to utilize networking and individual strengths in achieving the best opportunities for your post-college career. If you want help finding the path to success, Buffalo Academy will help you get there. 

Kelsey H.
"without your help and guidance who knows if this job would have even been within reach. My manager who hired me told my recruiter after the first interview she was expecting to hire someone who had At LEAST 3 years experience. Also she said she could see so much potential in me regardless of how long the prior work experience was, and that is exactly what you had done for me. Given me the confidence to further succeed with the potential you had seen in me. I cannot thank you enough for that" 
Jeannie N.
You Won’t Learn This in a Classroom


I am a senior at CU studying studio arts, with an emphasis in digital and video art and a minor in technology, arts, and media. As an intern illustration and computer animation at Multimedia Academy, I’ve gained experience that I would never get in a classroom environment. I work closely with a team and I’ve assisted with advertisements and animation. What we do helps students remember and apply what they learn. Students can also come to learn any multimedia software. I look forward to what Buffalo Academy has to offer me in the future!