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Natasha W.
Lectures? Good. Individual Attention? PRICELESS


As a student, I recommend Buffalo Academy to other students who are determined to reach their full potential. the tutors at the academy are genuinely concerned with the success of their students and are professional, kind, and patient. They take a lot of stress out of studying.


My tutors helped me in ways that aren't always possible in lectures or the help room. They were more than willing schedule a last-minute session before an exam - a priceless benefit when work or other classes conflicted with my professor's office hours and exam reviews.


My favorite thing about the tutors at Buffalo Academy is that they are also students at CU. Not only are you supporting students in your own community, but if you're taking basic curriculum classes, your tutor is likely to have taken the same class, possibly even with the same professor. I can't emphasize enough how helpfulthis is when studying ofr exams or going over lab reports!