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Buffalo Academy's revolutionary School in Balance and Conscious Mind program consists of breathing relaxation, focusing and multi-focusing practice, meditation techniques, peer counseling, yoga among other mindful consciousness and emotional support and training. 

There are three parts to us, our mind, our body and our nature, which represents our emotional make up. The mind and thoughts affect the brain in a positive and negative way. 

Bad and disturbing thoughts, termed as a fear and fright response, lead to the expression of genes that produce chemicals in the brain, which in turn push your body in a negative way, raising heart rate, blood pressure, abdominal discomfort, anxiety, etc.

At that point, if one has a strong mind, it will try to control your emotions and stabilize your mood and bring mental calmness. The genes in the brain will reset and you will feel normal. If this happens on a regular basis, then it will have a permanent impact on your body. Drugs will treat the symptoms but do not solve the problem.


There is now a growing body of scientific evidence that has shown that meditation has the exact opposite effect on the brain and the body.  It has been shown that meditation creates, what has been termed, a relaxation response.  Here the gene that are expressed lead a sense of calmness, joy, peace, and well being.

What you are doing is conserving energy, which you will use more productively in pursuing real goals in life. You will find better focus in your studies and any activity you choose.